Green Life-Grow This Sugar Substitute-Stevia

What is Stevia?

Stevia is an herb that is much sweeter than sugar and almost calorie free. Stevia was grown in Paraguay and Brazil for centuries. Stevia was first introduced to the market by a Japanese food chemist but it did not gain interest until the late 1980’s.

The advantage of Stevia is that you can actually grow it with your other herbs and you will enjoy pure health because it does reduce blood sugar, blood pressure and good for your immune system. You will also gain benefits and protection from cancer, heart disease and stroke.

The large companies will soon be using Stevia to sweeten beverages and that is good news for those who are seeking healthy alternatives. I do not drink soda and I think when Stevia is finally used to sweeten soda I will go back to drinking soda for right now I am better off without the unhealthy soda.

Stevia is actually 15 times sweater than sugar yet is also healthy. So grow your own Stevia and you will not regret. Actually growing Stevia is not complicated at all as long as you buy the plant from the herb section in your local store. Do not buy the seedlings because they do not germinated well but a Stevia plant will thrive in your backyard especially if you live in Florida or California.

One other advantage you have is that Stevia has the approval of FDA as a supplement and so you should not have trouble growing and using

Other than Stevia, you should consider other natural products, which are very good for your health. These natural supplements have not addictives, not tasted on animals and best of all they are green made by a company, which has been in business making eco friendly for over 50 years.

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