Green Life- Are Your Beauty Products Certified Organic?Eco Beauty

Since I started my venture into green lifestyle, I have come to realize that what is the organic stamp does not have to be 100% organic. A product needs only a small percentage to pass the test so do you know your products?

I know women who are health conscious are always searching for healthy options especially in beauty products because the regular products have all kinds of chemicals designed to make you sexy but dangerous to your health at same time.

Unlike foods, beauty products do not always have the same standards when it comes to what is organic and what is not organic. There are no strict criteria for an organic beauty product even when a product like shampoo for example has a chemical content of paraben it could still pass the organic test and will receive the organic seal of approval.

I believe there should be standards set by the companies who manufacture these products who ensure whatever says organic is organic. They should also provide more information to the consumer about what exactly the product. The dangers or goodness to the consumer’s health and well-being so consumers can make and educated choice on their own.

Companies who claim to have organic beauty products have to proof their claim with proven scientific tests. They should also tell the consumer the benefit of the product content. Those products should at least have 95% organic ingredients to pass the certified organic test.

What do those anti aging products contain? Those eye wrinkle creams or anti cream for your face, hands, neck and hands. Look at the contents careful and you will be surprised what chemicals are involved. I know you what to look young forever but won’t it be better to look young and healthy than young and sick.

I suggest you try the natural anti aging products that will make you young and sexy without the toxic chemicals- Learn more about natural anti aging beauty products and several other beauty products made with 95% certified organic ingredients.

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