How To Make Your Bike Safe And Last Longer

Your bike will last long and be safe for you at the same time if you follow the following maintenance structure. Remember participants at the Tour De France have experts who help them keep their bike in top shape and you should do the same.

Remember bicycles are simple machines and maintaining them is very easy -Just do the following and your bike will be both safe and last longer.

1. Check air in your tires frequently and always use the proper pump with a pressure gauge to match the pressure printed on the tire. It is normal for tires to lose pressure between rides.

2. The brakes should bring your bike to a safe and comfortable stop. The brake levers should pull smoothly, the brake levers should stop when the brake pads grip the rim. Replace the brakes if they are worn out.

3. A forward turn of the crank should make the chain rings spin in a straight line and not wobble. Replace a wobbly chain or if the chain is rusted, broken or bent.

4. The quick release levers that hold the wheels on and allow for easy removal. Tighten the release levers (most levers are marked to indicate the proper position)

5. Perform regular check ups on your bike to ensure a smooth ride. A regular check helps you become more familiar with your bike. Perform this checks in a quiet area away from the traffic this will allow you to see or hear something out of the ordinary.

Remember to be eco friendly and use the resources available wisely. Always Reuse, Recycle or Remake is one way you can save the planet.

Happy Ridding!