How To Maintain A Clean, Clear And Healthy Face-Eco Beauty

Here are ten simple tips so you can always have an awesome complexion:

1. Always wash your face before bed. Remove makeup with a mild cleaner before bed especially after a night out

2. Use a facial mask appropriate for your skin type

3. Use less make up remember less is more

4. Drink plenty of water and clear liquids avoid soda which full of caffeine,sugar and artificial ingredients

5. Protect your skin from the sun

6. Eat foods full of fiber, fruits and vegetables

7. Keep your electronics(cell phone and headphones clean and always keep your hands away from your face

8. Get enough sleep every night- 8 hours at least, you will avoid stress and your face will look fresh in the morning

9. Never pop or squeeze a pimple use regular cleansers instead

10. Exfoliate your skin weekly for a radiant loook

How SPF will protect your face this summer

What does SPF mean? SPF stands for SUN PROTECTION FACTOR and the SPF number tells you how much sun protection you will get from the product.

The more delicate your face the more the protection you will need. For example if your face turns pink in 10 minutes in the sun your face will require a SPF of 8 that means you will receive 8 times the protection or in other words you can stay in the sun for at least 80 minutes. Remember the sun your face’s greatest enemy so protect it. Understand that SPF of 15 will protect you for 150 minutes.

Remember your face and complexion is important parts of your identity. Your face is the first impression, if you are sad, angry or disgusted your face will tell the story so keep your face clean and beautiful.


If your face is showing signs of breakout just dap a bit of organic honey on the irritated spots after washing and before going to bed. You will notice a difference in a very short time.


How To Choose Pesticides Free Foods For You And Your Family

For you to be able to stay away from pesticides you have to make a decision to use organic foods.

What is organic?

Organic means grown without herbicides, pesticides and not genetically modified in any way.

Milk or cheese are 100% authentic when are organic because the regulations are tough on such products.

Organic foods are rather expensive so the best thing to do is buy what you frequently use first for example baby foods or meat. Start somewhere until you are able to convert everything to organic. Start slowly and that means you do not have to through away your food but rather switch progressively.

You can also make or buy a veggie spray made from grapefruit seed extract, then use this to spray on your fruits then let it sit for 5-10 minutes before eating. This method does get ride of most pesticide residue.
You can also save money by purchasing none organic fruits and vegetables like bananas, kiwi, pineapples, papaya, cabbage, broccoli or frozen produce etc. These products normally have lower pesticide residue because of the diligent washing and pilling.

Grow Your Own Lettuce Escape The E-coli Wrath On Your Salad

Contaminated lettuce is commonplace now because of poor handling. E-coli are especially rampant in commercially grown lettuce sold to your grocery store, salad bars and restaurants.

So why not grow your own lettuce, save money and your precious life. You can actually grown your own lettuce without an outside garden by practicing container gardening.

Container gardening will allow you to have fresh lettuce readily available all year round. Organic food is hip now so why not try this concept.

You will need some seedlings for your favorite lettuce, good soil from a local supplies store (avoid the cheap soil since they tend to be sandy) and some containers.

For the containers you can be creative and use foil pans, halved two litter bottles, store bought terracotta pots or empty plastic clamshells. Very important that the containers you use are food-safe, several inches deep and are perforated on the bottom for drainage.

Start your lettuce in peat pots then transplant into large containers as they grow. Grow them in stages and in different varieties so you can consistently have lettuce in different kinds. Remember to share with your friends and neighbors and encourage them to do the same and that will create a bountiful harvest.

Make sure your lettuce receive enough sunlight and water. Place your lettuce seedlings on windowpanes or on your porch. You can also use energy efficient lights.

Free your self from the fear of e-coli-Grow your own in a simple container.

Walgreens Postponed The Sell Of The Personal Genetic Test Kits

Therefore, Walgreens are not going to start selling The Personal Test Kit because the kit is yet to get FDA approval.

These Genetic kits are from Pathway Genomics a California based company and were suppose to be on Walgreens counters starting Friday, now we have to wait.

At $20.00 for the test, kit and $79 to $249 for the actual test made me jump out of my seat -Let us hope insurance will pay.

Either way this will be an easy way to know the health risks before they strike although the charm is still to eat healthy, stop smoking and exercise.

The FDA are afraid the kit might not work but then if it does work can you imagine your employer or insurance company using this information once it is determined you have a high risk for Cancer or heart defects.

Anyway, let us wait and see meanwhile use eco friendly products, eat healthy and walk


7 Things You Should Reuse-Eco friendly

1. Water Bottles

Water bottles can be reused but better yet install a water filter on your facet and you will not need water bottles instead you will get drinking water from your very own tap therefore saving money and the environment.
2. Paper Napkins

Instead of the disposable paper napkins why not got for cloth napkins, they are stylish and they do make you look classy just like those who go for fine dinning. So save your money and environment by purchasing different print cloth napkins to be reused.

3. Paper Towels

Use bar towels instead of the disposable paper towels and you will be saving money and the landfills are going to have less paper. For the price of 8 paper towels you can buy three bar towels for almost the same price the difference being you will reuse the bar towels longer than the paper towels. Quick way to save the environment by saying no to paper towels.

4. Printer Cartridges

Refilling your used in cartridge is so much cheaper. You can do this by yourself by purchasing a refill kit or you can go to Walgreen’s or CVS and have some do it for you super cheap. Once you get used to reusing your ink cartridges you will never throw them away ever again.

5. Coffee Cups

The next time you visit your convenient coffee shop go with your own reusable mug and they will be glad in refill it for you instead of those paper cups.

6. Zip Loc Bags

Instead of storing left over foods in zip loc bags you will better off using glass containers or any reusable container but stay away from plastic, not good for you. Your fridge will look much better when you store food in nice glass containers since you will be able to see the contents.

7. Paper Bag Lunches

Get your children and yourself nice reusable lunch bags instead of those disposable brown bags.
This are my seven easy ways to go green so please feel free to add your own


Eco Friendly Metal Roof or Shingles?

I am in the process of deciding what I should have on my roof before winter. The eco friendly metal roof seems to be my best bet now because they last longer and of course green.
I have been putting off the project for awhile now and the last heavy snow woke me up now I am making plans but I want to avoid a bank loan since house have lost so much value that it is not worth going in debt for it no right now anyway.

No one in my neighbor has a metal roof yet so my house will be the first unless someone else decides very soon. Going cheap is not an option because I do not want to mess with it for at least 50 years-depends on good health care.

No one is yet to come with a plan where one can put renovations as part of a Christmas wish but anyway right now I am looking for immediate solutions.
Choosing an eco friendly roofing material will contribute to energy efficiency especially now that I will keep the original roof by just adding the eco friendly metal roof over the old one.

There several choices out there, metal, rubber, slate or clay but I am yet to select the clear winner although I leaning towards metal right now but I might change my mind that is if you can convince me otherwise.

Therefore, while I sit and ponder let me know what you think I should use. Maybe you already have an eco friendly roof or planning to install one let me know. Remember I am looking for a roof that canwithstand the elements, durable, fire resistant, can be recycled and has to be 100% eco friendly roof.

Eco Friendly Products(Toys) For Children In High Demand

The demand for toxic free toys is on the rise especially after the lead incidents in the past especially from toys made in China. Most parents now know the harmful effects of none environmentally friendly products on their children.

This demand is good because at least fewer children are being exposed to harmful chemicals.
The wooden toys are especially in high demand because they are from non- endangered renewable timber. The most popular are the eco friendly alphabet letters, which are brightly painted, and the various designs such as animal wooden letters, fairy wooden letters, and dolphin wooden letters are awesome.

The eco friendly wooden toys use environmentally suitable paints, which are great because children not only touch the toys but they sometimes put them in their mouths especially during teething ages.
Another thing that makes this eco friendly toys tick is the fact that they are pieces of art and they do make great gifts. The eco friendly wooden letters are great for alphabet, reading or writing names. You can also personalize these toys and give them away to loved ones.
Teaching children the importance of preserving the environment is crucial because they will grow up with better understanding. They will know the importance of using eco friendly products and they will be better prepared in life.


Eco friendly Products For Mothers Day

Eco Friendly Furniture

Make mom proud this mother’s day by getting her earth friendly products.

Mom will be proud of you for taking care of the earth and her, so make her happy.
So what are the best products for you to buy for mom?

Eco friendly plates are just what most mothers’ love. They like to display dinner in style so why not get a set of plates she can reuse over time and some are just beautiful.

Do you have a fat account? Not bad thing because this means you can get mom her first electric car. Think how many errands your mother has to run daily, it will be great if she can do it all on a fancy earth friendly car.

My mama likes to shop I hope yours does too so why not surprise her with eco friendly bags. You can find some at your local store or order online. There are eco friendly purses, go green grocery bags or earth friendly luggage.

I recently purchase a set of bamboo spoons and I love them. They are smooth and easy to use. Your mom will definitely like them. They are easy to display too.


China Is Moving Ahead With Creative Go Green Ideas

I bought cow manure from Lowes the other day for my small kitchen garden. After applying the manure to my garden, I started to wonder how many companies were out there making use of cow manure.

During my short research, I realized China was ahead of the game. China is already using Chicken and cow manure to produce electricity.

Now think cow poop as electric and manure, way to go china after all the talk about pollution in that country good things are emerging. China’s new cow manure electric project will reduce piles of dung, yield fertilizer and supply 38,000-megawatt hours of electric power enough to meet demands for 15,000 Chinese.

I hope the rest of the world will follow suit because there is too much cow and chicken poop that needs to be conversion to something else other than manure. The environmentally way to go green.

So what do you think?


Green Your Business Challenge By Staples And Win $10,000

Enter your small business into this amazing challenge
Going green with your business has never been this good. All you have to do is submit a 100-word essay on how you intend to go green in your small business.
I guess those who have home business could enter the challenge too so what are waiting for go for the challenge.
Submit your entry between May 5, 2010 and June 4, 2010
Here are some cool ideas you can use for your essay
Eco friendly ideas for your office
1. Use Compact fluorescent light bulbs, which last longer-saves your business money
2. Use Energy star certified products like computers, printers, and fax machines and by doing so you will save money and the environment.
3. Change your filing system to digital instead of paper files-You will save time and space
4. Set up a recycle bin for cans, papers/newspapers and bottles for your employees
5. Recycle your ink cartridges by refilling them at your local Walgreen pharmacy
6. Take of your equipment and unplug them especially at the end of the day or weekend since most appliances consume energy when plugged in and not in use.
7. Dispose your old computers, laptops, printers at places where care is taken not to harm the environment
8. Encourage your employees to carpool
9. The next time you make over your office get eco friendly furniture
10. Use eco friendly cleaning supplies for your office
There you have it I have given you a few ideas for your essay so go for it I hope you win and if you don’t at least you will be on your way to owning a green business.
Submit your entry at