China Is Moving Ahead With Creative Go Green Ideas

I bought cow manure from Lowes the other day for my small kitchen garden. After applying the manure to my garden, I started to wonder how many companies were out there making use of cow manure.

During my short research, I realized China was ahead of the game. China is already using Chicken and cow manure to produce electricity.

Now think cow poop as electric and manure, way to go china after all the talk about pollution in that country good things are emerging. China’s new cow manure electric project will reduce piles of dung, yield fertilizer and supply 38,000-megawatt hours of electric power enough to meet demands for 15,000 Chinese.

I hope the rest of the world will follow suit because there is too much cow and chicken poop that needs to be conversion to something else other than manure. The environmentally way to go green.

So what do you think?