Mercedez-Benz Helps Luxury Cars Go Green

Luxury car makers are jumping hard on the eco friendly, electric, and hybrid car bandwagon because green seems to be the new black in the auto industry. Furthermore, nothing is a bigger staple of car marketing than getting celebrities to drive your vehicle, and this holds true in the eco sector as well.

Therefore, it's no shocker that celebrities left and right have been seen rolling up to red carpets in the Mercedes Benz S400 Hybrid, BlueTEC and Zero Emissions B-Class Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles.

Exactly who’s on the list of green celebs spotted in this car most of us can’t afford yet? How about Natalie Portman, Ali Larter, Hayden Panettiere, Colin Firth, Amy Adams, Ben Affleck, Robert Duvall, Eva Mendes, Mark Wahlberg, Carey Mulligan, James Franco, Helen Mirren, Aaron Eckhart, Oliver Stone, Jesse Eisenberg, Jake Gyllenhaal, Kirsten Dunst, Julie Stiles and Matthew Rhys.

In addition to that illustrious list, the Mercedes Benz S400 in particular is a favorite eco luxury car of Tobey Maguire, Demi Moore and Gerard Butler.

This doen't mean that the only way to help the environment is by driving an eco friendly luxury car! Sure, a Benz is nice, but there are plenty of environmentally-conscious cars out there that won’t put you into massive debt. In fact, many of the greenest cars out there are readily affordable. For example, the Toyota Prius, Nissan Leaf, and the Chevy Volt.

Seventh Generation Creates 100% Recyclable Cardboard Detergent Bottles

There's a new laundry detergent hitting the market especially for eco-friendly consumers.

The company Seventh Generation is set to release new packaging for their laundry detergent which uses 100% recycled cardboard for the bottle!

According to USA Today there's a plastic pouch inside that holds the detergent and prevents it from soaking through the cardboard. This innovative packaging uses 66% less plastic than conventional laundry bottles so hopefully it's just the start of a whole new green trend.

The great thing about these new bottles is that as soon as they get empty, the entire thing can easily be recycled. The detergent costs you $13 to $15, but keep in mind that it can be used to wash up to 66-loads of laundry so it's still pretty darn economical.


Spring Clean The Shaklee Eco Friendly Way

Cleaning your home can be a challenge especially the kitchen. The kitchen is normally the place where all the cooking and family gatherings take place and so it tends to be dirty. The following ten cleaning tips will help you especially if you intend to use chemical free products.

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10 Ways To Easily Spring Clean Your Kitchen-Eco friendly Way

1. Remove all the clutter and clean all the dirty dishes. Do not worry about the floors or counters since you will clean them later.

2. Dust your ceiling and walls then decide if you are going to wash the walls or spot wash. The kitchen is normally one room that requires more cleaning especially the walls because of all the spills from mixers, grime, grease and smoke. Very important that you clean with eco friendly products because they do not leave harmful residue.

3. Dust and clean all the light fixtures and ceiling fans. Gently take them down and clean them with a toxic free cleaner. Make sure you wipe them dry before replacing them.

4. Take down any curtains, draperies or blinds then clean them carefully according to the care directions. Before replacing them clean window sills and wash inside and outside of the window with toxic free window cleaner.

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5. Clean your oven, refrigerator and microwave oven with safe eco friendly cleaner. Avoid oven cleaners with toxic compounds in them. Clean the inside and outside of the appliances but be careful not to scratch them.

6. Clean the small appliances like the toaster, blender and other countertop appliances. Make sure you unplug all the appliances before cleaning. You have to select eco friendly cleaning products for cleaning every part of your green home.

7. Clean the inside and outside of all your kitchen cabinets. Rearrange all the dishes, pots, pans making sure you remove all the unwanted dishes so you can either donate or sell them.

8. Do not forget to clean the countertops especially the backsplashes. The material your countertops is made of will determine how you will clean your countertop.

9. Make sure you wipe down any drawers before washing down the sink. If you have a disposal pour some baking soda with warm water or lemon peel to freshen the drain. Also clean your dish washer especially the corners not exposed to any water.

10. Vacuum then mop the floor and do not forget the baseboards which you can easily wipe down with a towel. Important to have a cleaning checklist so you can go back and see if you have everything cleaned. A clean house means you are using non toxic cleaning supplies so ensure your cleaning products are always eco friendly.

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Vitamin D And Cancer

The new research indicate that they is a connection between vitamin D and cancer and the findings may help cancer patients. Vitamin D is normally obtained through sun exposure or supplementation of vitamin D or cholecalciferol(vitamin D3). The research is not yet complete although reports indicate that drinking milk or vitamin D fortified products is not enough and that is why so many are vitamin D deficient resulting in chronic diseases which include cancer.

Vitamin D requirements
Studies show that the recommended amounts of vitamin D may not be enough because the required may be up to ten times more. You may have to take vitamin D supplements so you can be able to fight all the chronic diseases such as cancer.

Women-Vitamin DWomen especially need to get enough vitamin D for good health. Consider supplements and always talk to your doctor who will be able to give you advice based on your health.

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Chemical Free

Why You Should Choose Chemical Free Products Today

Chemical free products are great for you and your family because you will be able to avoid all the toxins found in regular products.

Most of the cleaning and care products in your home are made with no regard to your safety and that is why it is important that you read product labels and educate yourself on the dangers of chemicals found in them.

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Benefits Of Chemical free products

-You will be safe from toxins
-Safe from the dangers of poisoning
-Improved health
-Excellent air quality
-No Dangerous compounds
-Protect the environment
-They are biodegradable
-Are be recycled

Chemical Free Products

Clean water
Non toxic cleaner
Chemical free skincare

Safe Baby Products
Natural Supplements
Non Toxic laundry

Chemical Free Are Good For Your Overall Health

Most of the chemical free products are made from plant base ingredients which are natural and non toxic. Since natural products are non corrosive they will not irritate eyes or skin.

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Non Toxic Cleaner

What Are Non Toxic Cleaners?

There are environmentally friendly products that contain no chemicals that harm our health or the environment.

When you go to the cleaning supplies aisle you will find all kinds of cleaning products but until you read the labels you will find some deadly ingredients and that is why looking for non toxic cleaners is very important.

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Why Choose Non Toxic Cleaners

-Non toxic cleaners are safe around children and pets
-Non toxic cleaners keep the air you breath safe and clean
-Non toxic cleaners are safe for the environment
-Safe for you when you come in contact with the cleaner
-Non toxic cleaners will keep you safe from chronic diseases like cancer

Avoid Toxins And Pollutants

Most people assume that since there homes are clean that means they are free from toxins and pollutants. According EPA indoor air in most homes is two to three times more polluted than the outdoors. Why? Most of the toxins are in the air sprays, volatile organic compounds found in furniture and cleaning products. So it is very important to use natural products in your and avoid toxic laced products.

Change Your Cleaning Supplies To Non Toxic Cleaners

Very important you get rid of the toxic cleaners safely by disposing them safely. In most cities they have places to dispose such chemicals.

Do not pour leftover toxic cleaning products down the drain, do not put them together with the trash because that will pollute the environment. Better to call your local solid waste agency for information on where you can drop your unwanted cleaners.

Selecting safe cleaning products is the best way to lead a healthy lifestyle especially if you are looking to go green.

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