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1. The Mystery of Aging

Aging is a complex natural process that affects every molecule,

cell, organ, and body function. As we age, blood vessels

accumulate fatty deposits and lose flexibility, resulting in

arteriosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries. Production of

digestive enzymes declines, resulting in decreased nutrient

absorption, and maximum breathing capacity progressively

decreases in each decade of life, beginning at about age 20.

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But why do we age? Why do some people age faster or

slower and in different ways than others? Is there a maximum

human lifespan beyond which we cannot live no matter how

optimal our environment or favorable our genes? And finally

for all of us, the most important question: How can insights

into longevity be used to fight the diseases and disabilities

associated with old age to improve the odds that aging will be

healthy, active, and independent.

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Although chronological aging is inevitable, unlocking the

secrets to “biological” aging is perhaps the ultimate scientific

quest. Understanding the way cells age, as well as how aging

impacts their function, reproduction, and death, may help us to

better understand the causes and perhaps the solutions for key

age-related diseases and conditions.


2. The Epidemic of Aging: Diseases and Disabilities

Many of the diseases that afflict Americans today are diseases

associated with aging and become more severe as we reach

our later years. Eighty-eight percent of those over 65 years

of age have at least one chronic health condition1. Health damaging

behaviors, such as tobacco use, a sedentary lifestyle,

and poor eating habits, are major contributors to the nation’s

leading chronic diseases, including arthritis, Alzheimer’s

disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood

pressure, and osteoporosis.

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3. Theories and Mechanisms of Aging: The Ways We Age

Theories abound regarding the biological causes of human

aging. They fall primarily into two groups. The programmed

lifespan theories hold that aging follows a biological timetable.

The wear-and-tear theories emphasize environmental assaults

to our systems that gradually cause things to go wrong.


4. Healthy Anti-Aging Lifestyle Tips

Science has proven that many of the chronic diseases

and leading causes of death can be prevented or at least

controlled, often through simple lifestyle changes. Adopting

the following healthy behaviors will promote better living and

a healthy anti-aging lifestyle.

***Eat a balanced diet low in saturated fats and rich in

fruits and vegetables to have a positive impact on health

conditions commonly seen in advancing age.

*** Maintain a healthy weight to reduce the risk for the

diseases of aging.

*** Engage in regular exercise, including endurance and

weight-bearing exercises.

***Increase intakes of vitamin D to reduce the risk for all cause

Mortality, calcium for healthy bones, B vitamins to

Support healthy DNA replication, and antioxidant nutrients

Such as vitamins C and E to address oxidative stress and

Cellular aging.

***Consider bioactive natural compounds that may play an

Active role in supporting a healthy anti-aging lifestyle.

Resveratrol is a well-studied polyphenol that’s been shown

to positively impact multiple mechanisms of cellular aging,

including DNA protection and repair, genetic regulators of

cellular aging, and mitochondrial biogenesis that supports

cellular function and longevity.

*** Quit smoking. It’s the most effective approach to reducing

death and disease.

Finally, stress reduction, sufficient rest and sleep, and regular

oral, vision, and hearing care are also effective tools to support

a healthy anti-aging lifestyle.

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