Seventh Generation Creates 100% Recyclable Cardboard Detergent Bottles

There's a new laundry detergent hitting the market especially for eco-friendly consumers.

The company Seventh Generation is set to release new packaging for their laundry detergent which uses 100% recycled cardboard for the bottle!

According to USA Today there's a plastic pouch inside that holds the detergent and prevents it from soaking through the cardboard. This innovative packaging uses 66% less plastic than conventional laundry bottles so hopefully it's just the start of a whole new green trend.

The great thing about these new bottles is that as soon as they get empty, the entire thing can easily be recycled. The detergent costs you $13 to $15, but keep in mind that it can be used to wash up to 66-loads of laundry so it's still pretty darn economical.