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Get Clean™ offers you cleaning choices that are SAFE, POWERFUL, GREEN, and

SMART. Because when it comes to keeping your house clean and the earth safe,

you shouldn’t have to choose. When you use Get Clean, you’re never simply

cleaning. While you make your home cleaner, you make your family healthier.

You also make the planet healthier for other families as well.
Eco Green Products


Get Clean Products offer

cleaning choices that are:


✔ Nontoxic

✔ No toxic fumes

✔ Hypoallergenic

✔ No hazardous chemicals

✔ No chlorine

✔ No kerosene

✔ No dodecylbenzene-sulfonate

✔ No phenol

✔ No cresol

✔ No lye

✔ No morpholine

✔ No petroleum distillates

✔ No benezene

✔ No ammonia

✔ No paradichlorobenzene


✔ Outperforms 11 national brands

✔ 100% money-back guaranteed


✔ Sustainably sourced natural


✔ Biodegradable surfactants

✔ No chlorine

✔ No phosphates

✔ No nitrates

✔ No borates

✔ No animal testing

✔ Recyclable packaging

✔ Recyclable wipes

✔ Recyclable dryer sheets
Green Home Products

Get Clean Starter Kit

This multitalented set is all you need to start cleaning your way to a healthier

home-thirteen products plus a caddy filled with accessories. It’s an amazing value

that lets you make a positive impact on your budget as well as a positive impact

on our planet. When you buy the Get Clean Starter Kit instead of the ready-to-use

products that you probably use, it’s nice to know:

• You eliminate 108 pounds of waste from land fills.

• You eliminate 248 pounds of greenhouse gases.

• You do the environmental impact of planting 10 trees

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