Eco Friendly- Baby Beddings, Crib Bedding

Your little one is growing up fast and they are quickly outgrowing the baby beddings. My suggestion-- it is time to buy new ones. Why not treat your loved one to eco friendly products without all the toxins?

All eco friendly products are supposed to be chemical-free products, especially beddings since babies deserve to grow up in a pure and chemical free environment.


Going Green with Green Tea

Tea is my all time favorite drink and I drink tea throughout the year. Sometimes I think I am addicted, but that is not a bad thing because of the antioxidants found in green tea. Scientists believe green tea will someday be part of a cancer prevention measure, but they are still working on it. That means you need to talk to your doctor about the contributions of green tea in your health plan.

Tea companies nowadays have a variety of tea which they package--anywhere from organic tea, Ceylon tea, loose tea, green tea, and jasmine tea. You can actually sample some of the different types of tea at a teashop since most shop owners are glad to let you test before you buy.

I buy my green tea in bulk online because I normally love to give them away as gifts. I go to a place like eBay and bid on nice containers for tea and tea sets, especially those classic English tea sets which I love. I've found that it is an easy and inexpensive way to introduce my friends and relatives to my world of tea.

My preference is normally green tea and organic tea although they vary in price and taste. Organic and green tea are the best gift giving ideas, and the secret is buying them in bulk. This way, you end up reducing the cost of shipping and it also makes it easier for you to repackage them as gifts.

Tea in the morning, tea in the afternoon, tea in the night, tea all the time! Tea is my all time favorite thing and the doctors agree with me, so get a cup of tea and be happy.


Sustainable Living-How You Can Benefit From Back Yard Gardens

Green lifestyle can start right from your backyard by adopting a sustainable way of attending to your vegetables. Backyard gardening is the new lifestyle trend now because of the rising cost of food, and because more people are realizing the importance of growing their own foods.

Backyard gardens are very easy to implement now because of the raised garden beds. This is the new lawn-friendly alternative to tearing up the grass by growing flowers and plants. Growing your own vegetables and maybe a few flowers is an excellent idea because you can grow tons of vegetables during spring and summer and then put them in the freezer for future use.

Growing and maintaining a backyard garden is cost effective since you can use your own natural compost from leftovers and food waste. All you have to do is buy a simple compost tumbler and you will quickly be on your way to sustainable living. In addition, you can trap rainwater for use in irrigating your backyard garden. All you need is a rainwater collector.

Those with a small backyard or none at all can still enjoy sustainable living by starting a patio garden. Patio gardening is now popular because going green is such a popular new lifestyle idea. You can now grow your own tomatoes, herbs, and seasonal fruits right in front or behind your house.

Most people think eco friendly living is a very expensive venture but in reality, it is a money saving venture because you become self sufficient. Going green also means that you will know exactly where your food is coming from and you'll no longer have to depend on product labels. Just think how much you will change the future of the planet when you avoid using those harmful chemicals in your garden.


Sustainable-Wal-Mart Going Green-Sustainable Shopping For You

I am so impressed at the idea of Wal-Mart going green because the sheer number of people who shop at Wal-Mart will definitely make a big difference. To help eliminate their carbon footprint, Wal-Mart has come up with "sustainable shopping" as a way of using green technology to help its customers make informed decisions about their purchases.

First, Wal-Mart is trying to figure out the effect their products will have on the environment by sending out surveys to consumers. In this way, they plan to accelerate public action to reduce greenhouse gases and reverse climate change. This is a smart move by Wal-Mart because they will use this environmental labeling program as a means of disclosing the environmental costs of making products sold at the department store giant.

By disclosing the environmental costs of making products sold at Wal-Mart, they are transforming green standards from nice-to-have to must-have. This huge step by this giant company is a superb way of going green and involving the masses.

Other companies that sell products to consumers daily will soon emulate the sustainable shopping idea employed by Wal-Mart. This way, eco friendly products will be able to be sold alongside the other products, thereby creating a system to show the price difference and why sustainable products are good for the well-being of the consumers and the planet.

I hope the next time you go to Wal-Mart you will be on the lookout for those products that will keep our planet greener. The government has been forthright on helping green businesses move forward with green technology and let us hope every business will follow suit.

So buy green today!


Go Green--Reasons Why I Don’t Donate To Goodwill Anymore

I used to like Goodwill, but not anymore. I donated my unwanted stuff and instead of charging a fair price, they turned around and sold them at a huge profit. Go to Goodwill today and you will be surprised to find your old pair of jeans going for $10.00. What happened to $1.00?
Before eBay, Goodwill was a place to recycle your unwanted items for a good cause but nowadays, I take my unwanted items to religious organizations because at least then I know someone will receive them as a donation.

I know Goodwill donates items to needy people but they should not be charging $75.00 for my donated jacket. Why not $5.00? I know they have expenses but since they're receiving free inventory, why not charge a fair price?

I know people who go to the mall in search of clearance racks because they know they'll get new clothes cheaper than used Goodwill clothes.

Goodwill needs to review what they charge so that used clothes will reach more people and thereby help the green movement (especially the recycling aspect of going green).


Go Green- Choose A Green Web Hosting

Green web hosting is a new tradition that web hosting companies are adopting because it makes sense for them to go green and help save the planet. The timing is especially great because nowadays it is easy to harvest wind power.

Reducing carbon emissions is something everyone should strive to achieve. Companies of all shapes and sizes are doing their best to reduce their carbon footprints and web-hosting companies are no exception. Remember hosting websites requires a lot of energy, and that is why going green is a very smart move both financially and environmentally.

Ecological web hosting or Green web hosting is the new trend now and most web hosting companies have some type of eco friendly system in place. The government is also popularizing this idea by giving away renewable energy credits to companies who are doing their best to save the planet.

Green web hosting is a carbon emission reduction project, which means your website will have no negative impact on the planet. Most of the green hosting companies have gone a step further by ensuring trees are replaced in forests worldwide.

Sustainable web hosting companies are just like the regular web hosting companies, but they offer eco friendly services.

Here are some of the services you can expect to get with green hosting:

1. Free domain for life
2. 99.9% uptime guaranteed
3. Host unlimited domains
4. Great customer service
5. Very low monthly fees. . . less than $5.00 in most instances
6. Simple system
7. Free Domain transfer
8. 100% money back guarantee
9. Free script library
10. Reliability

Super Green Hosting

So green hosting is actually a good thing because it allows you to collaborate with a web hosting company that shares your concern for the planet.

Go Green by hosting your website green!


Natural Asbestos Is a Hazard, Too

You may associate asbestos with insulation and other industrial uses. But asbestos itself is not man-made. It is a mineral that can be found in rocks and soil. And in its natural form, asbestos can be just as deadly as the asbestos in old buildings and auto brake pads.

The mineral asbestos crumbles into small fibers, and if these fibers are breathed into the lungs the result can be tragic. Asbestos exposure can cause mesothelioma, a particularly dangerous form of lung cancer, and asbestosis, a debilitating lung disease.

If there’s any good news to be found here, it’s that most naturally occurring asbestos is deep underground. If you’re into hiking and camping, in most parts of the U.S. you don’t need to worry about stumbling into a patch of deadly asbestos. Poison ivy is another story, of course.
There are exceptions, however, and the exceptions are of two types. There are a few places in the U.S. where asbestos is found naturally in surface rocks and in soil. The other danger occurs where asbestos has been mined or processed, resulting in the tragic asbestos contamination of communities.

The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) provides a map to locations where there’s a danger of exposure to surface or mined asbestos. As you can see on the map, some of these locations are near areas where people might go hiking or camping, such as Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and the Rocky Mountain and Pacific Coast states.

Other areas — see Georgia and Virginia in particular — are in fast-growing communities. People in those communities might be exposed to asbestos while gardening, or the family pooch might bring it into the house after digging holes in the yard. Mesothelioma can take 30 years to develop after exposure to asbestos, so if you live near one of the sites on the map don’t be complacent just because you haven’t heard of anyone getting sick.

In the case of natural asbestos deposits, it’s most important to leave it alone, because the fibers become airborne when the mineral is disturbed. ATSDR has an online pamphlet with asbestos safety tips for limiting your exposure to asbestos if you think it’s near your home. Tips include staying on pavement as much as possible, pre-wetting gardens before digging in the soil, and clean carpets frequently using a vacuum with a high efficiency HEPA filter.

The tragedy of Libby, Montana, shows us the worst that can happen where asbestos has been mined and processed. Libby was the site of a vermiculite mine, and the vermiculite was contaminated with asbestos. Although the mine has been closed for years, at least 50 new cases of asbestos-related disease are diagnosed every year in a community of about 3,000 people. At least 200 Libby residents have died of asbestos-related disease. The EPA recently declared Libby “public health disaster.” Asbestos-related diseases are extremely dangerous, and if you think you may have been exposed in the past, or if you develop symptoms of lung disease; see one of our nation’s top doctors such as Dr. Harvey Pass promptly.
— Barbara O’Brien

Go Green -Recycling Everything in Your Home and Business

Recycling started several years ago when businesses started recycling cardboard boxes for further use in their business operations. The main reason these businesses were recycling was because they wanted to save money. Saving the environment from waste was not on top of their agenda, but things are different now that everyone is aware of the impact of waste in the landfills.

Go Green by recycling your daily waste because this will be one step toward a clean environment. The problem is that few are performing this very easy task. Some cities are already making it mandatory to recycle but more work lies ahead before recycling becomes a lifestyle.

Start separating your waste today and you will go a long way in ensuring your valuable contribution towards a safe and green environment.

Recycle all your electronics and paper today because your prompt action will ensure a better environment for all of us.

Go Green-Solar Power In The Deserts Of Africa

For a very long time the desert has been a place of nothingness but thanks to the ingenuity of science, the great African desert will be full of activity thanks to Solar Power. The idea is to use this energy source to power Germany as well as all of Europe. Solar panels are going to be a much-needed product very soon and hopefully their new popularity will bring the cost down.

Solar energy is nothing new and therefore many homes and business are already using it. Although this might seem to be a very expensive undertaking, the benefits outweigh the costs by a mile. Furthermore, the power produced will help eliminate carbon monoxide and provide cheaper sources of clean energy. The main benefit for solar power or wind power is money saving and of course improving the environment.

The desert in this case is going to become even more valuable because the sun is available 365 days of the year in deserts. This means they will provide energy all year round. Solar electricity will soon be the norm in Europe and hopefully they will power Africa too since electricity is so scarce in that part of the world, and solar energy from their own backyard will be a welcome relief.

Finding new sources for solar power is crucial in going green and as the world marches forward toward a clean environment, we will soon have everything powered with solar energy.

Solar energy and wind energy will soon be available in the deserts of Africa and although the cost of implementing the project is expensive, the benefits will outweigh the costs once everything is complete. The energy produced will be enough to power parts of the world, saving billions along the way. Solar electricity will soon be a reality, every home will have solar panels, and going green will be a reality.


Go Green Shop Smart

Green Shopping

Everyday we make purchases for our homes be it food, cleaning products or any other consumer products. You can become more eco friendly and vigilant by being more careful about what you consume by buying green products more often. Remember, the greater the demand for eco friendly products, the better our environment will become due to the availability of these products.

So Go Green today by shopping smart.


Go Green: Plug In Energy Star Products And Save Money

The basic daily activities of every home typically involve huge amounts of energy consumption. The average home use as much electricity as a small business or even a small industrial plant. Between plug-in computers, televisions, washer-dryers, dishwashers, alarm clocks, hair dryers, blenders, coffee makers, and all of the other numerous appliances in our homes, we are totally dependent on electricity. We have become so accustomed to technology that we don't even consider the environmental impact of running all of these appliances several times a day.

If you find yourself in the market for a new appliance, consider Energy Star products and by doing so you will be going green by conserving energy.

For example, there are several methods that we can use to laundry and still help to save the environment:

1. Hand washing
2. Clotheslines
3. Laundry drying racks

Go Green by using Energy Star products and even if you cannot afford brand new appliances, explore other natural ways of going green.


The Best Gifts Ideas For 2010**Eco Friendly**

Top Holiday Gifts 2010

The best gift ideas for 2010 Christmas(holiday) eco friendly gifts are now available since everyone is going green it is best if you start looking for GO GREEN gifts for your loved ones. Remember the best gifts are those that are perfect for our loved ones and eco friendly gifts are necessary have in 2010.

Due to the economy it is very important to get your Christmas gifts ready now especially when the prices are at there lowest. My recommendations are based on the eco friendly products I already purchased, used and loved. So go ahead and try them or best buy them for your loved ones because this are gifts people remember since they are unique.

Finding a green gift for someone is not easy but we have selected some of the best Eco Friendly Gifts Here and please feel free to visit my Go Green Website

Top Ten Go Green Gift ideas 2010
1. Kindle 2 is a must for every avid reader. Go Green by having all your books stored in your Kindle. I got the kindle for my husband and now he is able to read all his newspapers, blogs and magazines before he goes to work. He actually reads straight from bed. He goes everywhere with it and he can purchase books in seconds at a very low price.

2. Green Tea-Perfect gift I have used this tea and loved every ounce. Perfect for someone who has everything.

3.Pinzon- Bamboo Towels are the best eco friendly towels. I bought them for my family and no one is using the regular towels anymore because this are soft, plush Luxurious towels, unique gift for your loved one

4. Programmable Thermostat for great energy saving. This actually tops the list for every homeowner. I bought this one for my mother and she was delighted, she actually emailed me and told me how she saved $375 on her heating bill. Highly recommended, do not waste your money in gadgets that do not deliver huge benefits. This is a smart choice

5.Trispa shower head for the spa like experience. This is product will help the recipient reduce the water usage and still taking a shower everyday. Perfect for a family with children and the saving are huge and you will be helping someone with a go green gift.

6. Green Jobs is a perfect book for anyone looking for a job. Great gift for anyone who lost his job recently, maybe it is time to change career and save the plant…Not bad at all. One of the best eco friendly gift

7.I bought my niece this blankie and I am thrilled I did it because my niece has her blanket in her mouth every day so how about an eco friendly product. Organic cotton is the best thing ever…non-toxic

8. Boys love truck and this truck will be a thriller, remember NO lead...Best eco friendly toy

9. I bought this banboo untensils for my grandmother and she has shown everyone in church. She is recommending them everyone who enters her kitchen, I guess she urging everyone to go green. Your loved one will really appreciate you.

10.Every baby deserves organic cotton. Great for baby showers. Non toxic and comfortable. Give a unique gift...


Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Eco friendly cleaning products are those products which are natural and non-toxic. They're basically the products you already have in your household, but more environmentally safe. Keeping a safe planet does not necessarily require going and spending extra money. You can still easily go green simply by replacing your household cleaning products with eco friendly alternatives.

Eco Friendly Cleaning Tip:

What can you do with lemons besides adding the juice to your salad? First, you can use it as a fruit, preservative, or for flavor. You can also use it for cleaning purposes. Whenever you want to clean your garbage disposal, faucets, dishes, cutting boards, counter tops or plastic food containers use lemon juice as an alternative to toxic products. Lemon juice is one of the best green cleaning products because your house will smell good without those toxic fumes!


Energy Saving Solar Panels

Solar Power for Your Green Home

Electricity is getting very expensive especially when you have several gadgets in the home that must be on most of the day. Energy for heating is more expensive because it is a 24/7 on going expenditure in winter months. The best way to solve energy expenses is no brainier just install solar panels and soon you will have solar lights, solar water heating system and your heating too.

You can also build your own solar panels and that is the easy way to save money since solar panels tend to be expensive. If you would like to make your very own solar panels at Green Home please go to the website and you will receive instructions on how you can make your very own solar panels.

I have also build a website to help you with your efforts of going green.

.Solar panels
.Solar hot water panels
.Solar house
.Solar heating


Green Lifestyle

Living Green

One of the best global innovations of the 21st century has been the green lifestyle. A few years before Al Gore blew the trumpet, no one was seriously thinking about the planet's well being. Today "go green" is the new mantra. I sometimes wish that everyone would live in a more eco friendly way because the lifestyle benefits are amazing.

Eco lifestyle

  • Choose a reusable bag

  • Shop for a reusable water bottle

  • Replace your household cleaners with eco friendly products

  • Replace your paper towels and napkins with biodegradable brands

  • Recycle and reuse

  • Recycle gifts

  • Look for used books before buying new

  • Search of Eco friendly stores

  • Shop for environmentally safe jewelry and eco fashion

  • Subscribe to an online newspaper

Advantages Of Going Green

Going green is not only a great lifestyle decision, but the benefits of going green are numerous. First, the money you will save by using eco friendly products will outweigh the cost because today, more stores sell eco friendly products at affordable prices or sale prices.

Just see how much you will save by doing the following:

* Wash only full loads in dishwashers and washing machines: Save $51

* Turn the water heater down to 120 degrees from 140: Save $22

* Remove room air conditioners during winter: Save $40

* Use Energy Saver features on dishwashers, dryers, fridges and freezers: Save $21

* Wash clothes in cold water: Save $33

* Air-dry clothes during the warmest six months: Save $57

Those are just a few of the benefits of going green. For even more info, please visit:




Eco Friendly Products

It's a new year, a new day, and a new opportunity to improve your lifestyle by going green. The "go green movement" has been gaining publicity and popularity throughout these past few years, but it's not too late to become involved. Since knowledge is power, I believe that the more information that people have about green alternatives, the easier it will be to make the necessary changes.

My first eco-friendly suggestion is to switch from standard light bulbs in your home to energy saving CFLs (compact fluorescent light bulbs) which last longer and waste a lot less enegy. In fact, these bulbs use up to 75% less energy than standard bulbs, and they last up to 10 times longer! CFLs are definitely a smart investment because they save you so much money in the long run. Not to mention, they are better for the environment because they are so energy efficient.