Going Green with Green Tea

Tea is my all time favorite drink and I drink tea throughout the year. Sometimes I think I am addicted, but that is not a bad thing because of the antioxidants found in green tea. Scientists believe green tea will someday be part of a cancer prevention measure, but they are still working on it. That means you need to talk to your doctor about the contributions of green tea in your health plan.

Tea companies nowadays have a variety of tea which they package--anywhere from organic tea, Ceylon tea, loose tea, green tea, and jasmine tea. You can actually sample some of the different types of tea at a teashop since most shop owners are glad to let you test before you buy.

I buy my green tea in bulk online because I normally love to give them away as gifts. I go to a place like eBay and bid on nice containers for tea and tea sets, especially those classic English tea sets which I love. I've found that it is an easy and inexpensive way to introduce my friends and relatives to my world of tea.

My preference is normally green tea and organic tea although they vary in price and taste. Organic and green tea are the best gift giving ideas, and the secret is buying them in bulk. This way, you end up reducing the cost of shipping and it also makes it easier for you to repackage them as gifts.

Tea in the morning, tea in the afternoon, tea in the night, tea all the time! Tea is my all time favorite thing and the doctors agree with me, so get a cup of tea and be happy.