Go Green--Reasons Why I Don’t Donate To Goodwill Anymore

I used to like Goodwill, but not anymore. I donated my unwanted stuff and instead of charging a fair price, they turned around and sold them at a huge profit. Go to Goodwill today and you will be surprised to find your old pair of jeans going for $10.00. What happened to $1.00?
Before eBay, Goodwill was a place to recycle your unwanted items for a good cause but nowadays, I take my unwanted items to religious organizations because at least then I know someone will receive them as a donation.

I know Goodwill donates items to needy people but they should not be charging $75.00 for my donated jacket. Why not $5.00? I know they have expenses but since they're receiving free inventory, why not charge a fair price?

I know people who go to the mall in search of clearance racks because they know they'll get new clothes cheaper than used Goodwill clothes.

Goodwill needs to review what they charge so that used clothes will reach more people and thereby help the green movement (especially the recycling aspect of going green).