The Best Gifts Ideas For 2010**Eco Friendly**

Top Holiday Gifts 2010

The best gift ideas for 2010 Christmas(holiday) eco friendly gifts are now available since everyone is going green it is best if you start looking for GO GREEN gifts for your loved ones. Remember the best gifts are those that are perfect for our loved ones and eco friendly gifts are necessary have in 2010.

Due to the economy it is very important to get your Christmas gifts ready now especially when the prices are at there lowest. My recommendations are based on the eco friendly products I already purchased, used and loved. So go ahead and try them or best buy them for your loved ones because this are gifts people remember since they are unique.

Finding a green gift for someone is not easy but we have selected some of the best Eco Friendly Gifts Here and please feel free to visit my Go Green Website

Top Ten Go Green Gift ideas 2010
1. Kindle 2 is a must for every avid reader. Go Green by having all your books stored in your Kindle. I got the kindle for my husband and now he is able to read all his newspapers, blogs and magazines before he goes to work. He actually reads straight from bed. He goes everywhere with it and he can purchase books in seconds at a very low price.

2. Green Tea-Perfect gift I have used this tea and loved every ounce. Perfect for someone who has everything.

3.Pinzon- Bamboo Towels are the best eco friendly towels. I bought them for my family and no one is using the regular towels anymore because this are soft, plush Luxurious towels, unique gift for your loved one

4. Programmable Thermostat for great energy saving. This actually tops the list for every homeowner. I bought this one for my mother and she was delighted, she actually emailed me and told me how she saved $375 on her heating bill. Highly recommended, do not waste your money in gadgets that do not deliver huge benefits. This is a smart choice

5.Trispa shower head for the spa like experience. This is product will help the recipient reduce the water usage and still taking a shower everyday. Perfect for a family with children and the saving are huge and you will be helping someone with a go green gift.

6. Green Jobs is a perfect book for anyone looking for a job. Great gift for anyone who lost his job recently, maybe it is time to change career and save the plant…Not bad at all. One of the best eco friendly gift

7.I bought my niece this blankie and I am thrilled I did it because my niece has her blanket in her mouth every day so how about an eco friendly product. Organic cotton is the best thing ever…non-toxic

8. Boys love truck and this truck will be a thriller, remember NO lead...Best eco friendly toy

9. I bought this banboo untensils for my grandmother and she has shown everyone in church. She is recommending them everyone who enters her kitchen, I guess she urging everyone to go green. Your loved one will really appreciate you.

10.Every baby deserves organic cotton. Great for baby showers. Non toxic and comfortable. Give a unique gift...