Spring Clean The Shaklee Eco Friendly Way

Cleaning your home can be a challenge especially the kitchen. The kitchen is normally the place where all the cooking and family gatherings take place and so it tends to be dirty. The following ten cleaning tips will help you especially if you intend to use chemical free products.

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10 Ways To Easily Spring Clean Your Kitchen-Eco friendly Way

1. Remove all the clutter and clean all the dirty dishes. Do not worry about the floors or counters since you will clean them later.

2. Dust your ceiling and walls then decide if you are going to wash the walls or spot wash. The kitchen is normally one room that requires more cleaning especially the walls because of all the spills from mixers, grime, grease and smoke. Very important that you clean with eco friendly products because they do not leave harmful residue.

3. Dust and clean all the light fixtures and ceiling fans. Gently take them down and clean them with a toxic free cleaner. Make sure you wipe them dry before replacing them.

4. Take down any curtains, draperies or blinds then clean them carefully according to the care directions. Before replacing them clean window sills and wash inside and outside of the window with toxic free window cleaner.

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5. Clean your oven, refrigerator and microwave oven with safe eco friendly cleaner. Avoid oven cleaners with toxic compounds in them. Clean the inside and outside of the appliances but be careful not to scratch them.

6. Clean the small appliances like the toaster, blender and other countertop appliances. Make sure you unplug all the appliances before cleaning. You have to select eco friendly cleaning products for cleaning every part of your green home.

7. Clean the inside and outside of all your kitchen cabinets. Rearrange all the dishes, pots, pans making sure you remove all the unwanted dishes so you can either donate or sell them.

8. Do not forget to clean the countertops especially the backsplashes. The material your countertops is made of will determine how you will clean your countertop.

9. Make sure you wipe down any drawers before washing down the sink. If you have a disposal pour some baking soda with warm water or lemon peel to freshen the drain. Also clean your dish washer especially the corners not exposed to any water.

10. Vacuum then mop the floor and do not forget the baseboards which you can easily wipe down with a towel. Important to have a cleaning checklist so you can go back and see if you have everything cleaned. A clean house means you are using non toxic cleaning supplies so ensure your cleaning products are always eco friendly.

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