Green Life-Deadly Danger Under The Sink

Do you know your children face incredible danger from the home cleaning products you store under the sink? Those colorful spray cleaners can be a serious temptation and sometimes deadly especially for toddlers. Remember it always happens in a blink of an eye.

Just look at the number of children treated for injuries related to house cleaning products-from 1990 to 2006 more than 267,000 reported cases of children under the age of five who received treatment for injuries from household cleaners.

Children end up in the emergency room all the time from ingesting dangerous chemicals found in household, cleaners especially bleach which is found in almost every home.

The child’s first reaction to the taste of the yucky household cleaner is taking a deep breath which sends the chemical to their lungs and that is where the chemical becomes dangerous.

Consider those brightly colored household cleaner bottles and sprays dangerous because children will confuse them for juice or something they love to eat. Spray bottles are especially dangerous because most parents forget to lock the nozzles.

The most dangerous household cleaners are those no longer in their original container so it is for the safety of your children if you can keep all cleaners in their original containers or label the spray bottles and lock them up. The brightly colored and the sweet smelling housecleaners are especially dangerous especially those that smell like lemon or any other fruit since children are likely to confuse these deadly solvents for fruit juice. Learn more about the dangers of household cleaners to your children

The toxic levels in most household cleaners is alarming, just read the side panel of your household cleaning product and you will realize you have poison in your home. The best way to avoid all these is to get home cleaning products, which are non-toxic especially if you want to enjoy living green.

Natural cleaners are always safe and incase your child does accidentally ingest them the damage will be minimal although you should always be careful with any type cleaner. Green cleaners are widely available now although you still have to buy them from reputable companies where products are never tasted on animals and are always green-Learn More