Green Life-Water Important To Your Health

Ever wondered why some people complain about weight issues and yet they still stop at their favorite drive through for a 32 oz coke? Water is the best choice.

Water is the most important supplement you can great for free or for pennies on the dollar unless you are still hooked to the bottled water. Your body consists of at least 55% to 78% depends on your weight you can see the importance of drinking water as part of your green life.

You are better of drinking water than drinking soda because with water you will be able to lose weight and enjoy good health. Remember every cell in your body needs water to function.
Do you want your skin to look young then drink water? Your muscle tone and skin elasticity will be excellent if you can stay hydrated at all times.

Dehydration can make you sick, constipated, backache, headache, pain etc. You can see the importance of water to your health is crucial.

Consider installing a water filtration system in your house since water bottles are not good for you because of the toxins from plastic are being leeched into the water. Best to buy water in glass bottle although filtering your own water will save you money and you will not need the plastic bottle. Plastic bottles increase the risk of cancer due to BPA (Bisphenol A) contamination especially when water in a plastic bottle is left under the sun in the car.

From now on just enjoy a glass of water and your life will be much better that is part of living a green life.