Green Life-Is Cholesterol Good Or Bad For You

Why is cholesterol good and bad? It is good because it does sustain some functions in our bodies and it is bad because too much of it can lead to deadly diseases. Recently I stopped at my doctors to have a cholesterol check up and it turned out great because by nature I am a vegetarian. I started to wonder why is so much fear put into cholesterol -Are people misinformed or what? Here are my findings:

What is Cholesterol?
Cholesterol is a fatty substance produced by the liver. It is normally waxy in texture, you can control cholesterol by eating less fatty foods like pizza, pastries, ice cream or you can select the healthier options.

Eating high fatty foods leads to cholesterol being excessive in the body resulting in life threatening diseases such as coronary artery disease, stroke, heart attack or cerebral vascular.

Cholesterol is essential to our health

How is cholesterol essential? First, it does produce hormones, vitamin D and helps with building of cell walls. Cholesterol also helps in creating bile salts, which help in our digestive system.

Foods Important in maintaining good levels of cholesterol

*olive oil

Types of cholesterol

Good Cholesterol -High-density lipoproteins…HDL…Good for our health
Bad Cholesterol- Low density lipoproteins…LDL…Create excessive fat in the blood streams

How can you reduce cholesterol?

First you have to watch what you eat especially foods with excessive fat or oily foods.
Here are some steps you can take today to ensure you succeed:

*Start by looking for low cholesterol foods like whole wheat breads, cereals, beans, fruits and fish
*Use olive oil or other healthy oils instead of the fat filled oils for cooking
* If possible, consume vegetarian diet
* Select milk and yogurt, which are low in fat content
* Avoid fried foods instead select steamed, baked, boiled or roasted foods
*For non-vegetarians select lean meats
*Keep you colon healthy and reduce cholesterol by consuming foods, which are high in soluble fiber.

Keep Cholesterol at bay

Stop smoking and chewing tobacco-Tobacco use can lead to lower HDL, which results in blood clots and heart disease. Do what you have to do to kill this habit.

Avoid excessive alcohol consumption: Drink less alcohol and if you do not consume alcohol, it is better if you avoid starting because alcohol leads to obesity, heart problem and stroke.

Exercise- Physical exercise will help increase your HDL level (good cholesterol) Starting walking, gardening, swimming, dancing or any other physical activity because with exercise you will lower the chance of coronary disease.

Avoid Excessive weight-Lose weigh because extra weigh does increase your cholesterol levels.

Consuming a balanced diet will also help in lowering your cholesterol.

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