Green Life-Ways To Help Your Children Go Green At Home And School

Children pick up information fast especially when they start school where they become increasingly aware of the wider world beyond home and the neighborhood. So teaching your children about the benefits of living green will help your understand more about the environment and the importance of eco friendly habits at home, school or in the community.

Teach your children the basics of a green lifestyle and they will not forget especially when they become responsible adults. Creating a generation, that value good healthy, excellent environment is a step towards saving the planet.

Lessons To Last A lifetime


Teach your children from the beginning the importance of recycling by setting up a simple system with bins for glass, newspapers, metal and plastic. They can also learn to recycle for profit or charity. Also, remind your children to donate or sell toys and clothing before buying new ones. The system will help your home stay organized and your children happy.

Turn Off Water

From the beginning, teach your child to turn off the water when brushing teeth. Explain to them the importance of water conservation because wasting water means wasting energy and the natural resources.

Turn off The Lights

Teach your children the importance of turning off the lights when not in use. Also unplugging their games systems, television etc when not in use. Teaching your child these basics will lower your utility bill and you will be instilling a lifetime habit.

Teach your children these green life basics and you will set standards for the future when everyone will be more involved in protecting the environment.

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