Green Life-Choose An Eco Friendly Drain Cleaner

Since you have made a commitment to lead a green life, it is best if you can avoid the conventional drain cleaners like drano because of sodium hydroxide. Sodium hydroxide is an irritant that can burn skin and aggravate your nose, eyes, and throat. The conventional drain cleaners are also danger to your children and pets.

A plunger or a drain snake along with some effort can easily clear your drain without the use of these harmful cleaners. You can also mix a handful of baking soda with a half a cup of vinegar and pour down the drain then follow quickly with boiling water. You can actually use the baking soda and vinegar on weekly basis on all your drains and you will never have any trouble.

Flushing your drains weekly will keep them clear, you can also install a small screen to keep hair, lint and other clogging elements out of your drains. You will be saving if you maintain your pipes and prevent them from clogging.

Always select cleaning products which are eco friendly because they good for you and the planet-Learn More