Green Life-Drinking Water Might Be Your Solution to Weight Lose

The new study gives hope to middle-aged men and women who want to lose weight the easy way. Those who fall under this category might only need to drink two cups of water before every meal to lose weight.

Well, if you fall under this category you will be much better drinking water than struggling with dieting. Simply drink water before every meal religiously, you will shade at least 15.5 pounds.

The study is good news although it will not apply to me for a while but I will still try the strategy. I quit drinking soda five years ago so water is my drink of choice. I know most people will find drinking water to be difficult but you have to understand dieting is hard and that is why most people fail.

Remember water is harmless and inexpensive compared to diet pills and diet books. You are actually better off drinking diet soda, tea,100% juice or club soda but I suggest water since most of your organs require water to function right.

Water is a valuable nutrient so it does make sense to drink water to lose weight and for good health. Just remember to filter your own water, this will save you money and you will also be earth friendly.