Green Life-Drinking Water Is Good For Your Health

Why is water important to your green life and health?

Your body needs water to regulate body temperature and transports nutrients to all parts of the body. Water transports oxygen to your cells, protects your joints, organs and removes waste. Remember your body is 60 to 70 percent water especially blood which contains more water.

How much water does your body require to stay healthy?

To get the right estimate you have to take your body weight in pounds and divide by two. For example if your weight is 140 pounds that means you, should drink at least drink 70 ounces of water per day? Twenty percent of the water your bodies will come from the foods you eat.

Remember water is the best choice when selecting a beverage. Sodas have a lot of sugar and so when you drink soda you will be taking in more calories than your body requires. Juices are excellent since they contain vitamins and nutrients and herbal teas, which are not diuretic, are good for you. Sports drinks are great because they contain electrolytes and may be beneficial but you have to avoid added sugar and calories.

Leading a green life means, you avoid buying bottle water since it leads to waste and it is expensive in the end. So consider a water filtering system, when looking for a water filter consider how much water you will need to filter. Enjoy a green life with good drinking water.

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