Early Puberty In Young Girls May Be Linked To Exposure To Chemicals

What is happening? Now we have young girls maturing before they are even ten. I heard this story yesterday on NBC and read it on several news sites and I am still puzzled. Although the scientists are not 100% blaming exposure to chemicals, toxins and hormones but they are mentioning them in their reports.

I am a cancer survivor, lucky to be alive though disfigured for life. I started investigating chemicals and toxins after my diagnosis and that is how I started writing this blog after discovering that not every cleaning product in my house was good for me. I now read about every product before I ever bring it to my home-A lesson learned the hard way.

You really have to be a cancer patient to understand the agony these terrible disease. Now I am even more alarmed to hear our daughters are in danger of breast cancer because of the early onset of puberty-what a sad situation.

Beside hormones, chemicals, toxins which are dangerous to all children, the report also claims childhood obesity maybe to blame. As parents, we have to start watching what our children eat, make sure they exercise, understand the under lying danger behind our cleaning supplies and the chemicals in our homes.

Going to McDonald for breakfast, lunch and dinner is out of fashion. Cooking for your children is in style. Enjoy dinners out of the home occasionally but not fast food at least some place where your children will be served wholesome meals and not junk.

Those dinners, which are packaged, are not good for your children, they are convenient but they are unhealthy. Start reading the side panel and once you understand the contents maybe you will serve your children some fresh cooked food.

For my lesson came the hard way-Why not save your family from future agony by resorting to eco friendly products. It is not very hard to go green you just have to start-I hope your start day NOW.