Green Life-Preserve Your Own Food By Canning

Preserving your own food will require some work but the benefits you will rip will surpass any labor required. The best way to make canning fun is to involve family and friends so they too can enjoy the home preserved food too.

Canning your own food is not only a money saving venture but you will also be eating healthy. Fall season is actually the best month to start canning although you can start canning as soon as your tomatoes or carrots are ready.

The satisfaction that comes with home food preservation is far more than the work involved. Looking at a pantry full of your own home canned food is incredible.

I like preserving collards, spinach, carrots and tomatoes from my own garden and the taste I get from my home preserved food is very satisfying. You cannot compare the taste to store preserved options.

You will also save money when you purchase your canning jars during off-season. This will be a major saving for you because they are sometime really very cheap $3.00 for 12 cans, which you can also reuse.

You can also look for canning recipes in cookbooks or you can come up with your own creative mix. I actually came up with my own recipe where I sautéed collards, spinach, broccoli, tomatoes and onions and my kids love it because they do not like broccoli but since it is in the mix.

Eating food that is as natural as possible is the best way to live a healthy and long life. Try canning your own food, you can even get some from the farmers market or the cooperative, either way they are good source for healthy and natural food.