Green Life-Buy Your Foods in Bulk

I figured out something very interesting recently about buying food in bulk. I discovered that when you buy food in bulk, you are buying food without the extra costs for packaging and marketing. The saving are huge especially if you purchase your food from a cooperative store.

I am very lucky to have one in town in it is a treasure. The cooperative store in my city nearly closed last year because few people were purchasing food from them. I wish most families could understand the value of buying natural food products.

I also discovered that when I buy organic pasta, organic wheat floor, organic rice and beans I get a 20% discount and means I actually paying only pennies on the dollar. Do you have a cooperative in your hometown? Consider shopping there for a change and you will see the difference.

Before buying in bulk check your eating habits so you can buy only the food products you consume regularly in bulk which add up to a huge saving.

The best strategy here is to buy in bulk foods you consume regularly. You will also need to prepare a dry area to store your produce away from water and bugs.

The beauty of buying in a cooperative is that they only get organic foods; it is more like a farmers market because they get all their supplies from the local farmers. Natural products are good for your health so you should consider changing to eco friendly products too.