The Deadly Secrets Hidden Behind Your Cleaning Supplies

Everyone has cleaning supplies of some sort at home. For cleaning floors, windows , bathrooms, bathing soaps and shampoos , laundry detergents to name just a few. Frankly, every home has some form of cleaning supplies but have you ever wondered what they all contain? I recently survived cancer and that set me on a fact-finding mission because I had a very healthy lifestyle and despite all my efforts I still felt in the cancer trap-a very painful experience.

I found these disturbing facts about the cleaning supplies found in most households including mine, some of them deadly.

1. Chlorine Bleach is the chemical frequently involved in household poisoning

2. Degreasers do sometimes contain petroleum distillates, which can damage lung tissue and dissolve fatty tissue around nerve cells

3. Glass cleaners sometime do contain ammonia. Ammonia fumes can irritate the skin and respiratory system

4. Oven cleaners can be one of the most dangerous cleaning products, which can cause severe damage to eyes, skin, mouth and throat.

5. Toilet Bowl Cleaners can be extremely dangerous cleaning products, which can be harmful by just breathing the fumes-fatal if swallowed. You have seen those warning they put on the packaging and never questioned anything but the deeper you look the more you realize how deadly they actually are.

Household Cleaning Supplies

Remember according to well-documented facts around 90% of poisoning occur at home and the household cleaning supplies cause most this problems.

Just imagine all the hours that we spend in our beautiful homes around these house cleaners. Even glass cleaning products are dangerous.

Have you watched those TV shows that sell stuff- pay close attention and you will see the one single cleaning product that works like magic. Your old grill will be new again with one scrap or your oven will be brand new as soon as you use this one product. Please buy a new grill or stove because the medical expenses you might end up with will be enough to buy 60 new stoves -I know that for a fact-Cancer taught me this very important lesson. Avoid those quick fix cleaning supplies unless they are eco friendly.

Indoor pollutants come from all sorts of chemicals we use to make our lives easier everyday-paint, carpets, household cleaners, personal care products among many others.

Look for safe non-toxic products when looking for

-household cleaning supplies

-micro fiber cloth

-glass cleaning products

-rug cleaning supplies

-shower cleaning supplies

-personal care products

Avoid products that contain

*Volatile organic cleaning compounds





*Hydrochloric acid

* Sulfuric acid

*Sulfuric acid

*Petroleum distillates


*Sodium hydroxide

*Butyl cello solve

* Phosphoric acid


*Morph line

Read all the contents of your household cleaning supplies before buying them and if they contain these substances don’t bring them to your home or if you already have products containing these products get rid of them before it is too late. Invest your money on non-toxic cleaning supplies.