Green Life-Money Saving Tips Without A Money Expert

How To Save Money By Living A Simple Life

Saving money, protecting the environment and living a full healthy life go hand in hand especially now with the uncertain economic times. It just makes perfect sense to stretch every dollar you have while enjoying a green lifestyle.

First you have to consider all the things you need to live a happier and healthy life and those you can do away with because sometimes you can burden your live with none essentials which end up taking all you money hence sending you into debt.

Comparison Shopping-Best Way To Save Money

The age of technology has made it a lot easier to do comparison-shopping, which is really a good idea if you are considering saving money and living a green lifestyle. You can do comparison-shopping for groceries, gas, general household products and it is even better when you are shopping for premium products like insurance, cell phone or banking. Therefore, whatever product or service you decide to purchase make sure you are getting the best deal and there by saving more money. However, it is always crucial to stick with essentials and avoid all the extra services that you might not need or want.

Can You DIY-Answer This Question Before Buying And You Will Save More Money

So many items can be made at home with very inexpensive materials. You can easily make your own shampoo, household cleaning products; fix a bike, cut hair, fix plumbing, house repairs and you can do your own yard work. All this and others you can brainstorm do not have to cost you money instead you can be creative and save money in the end.

Save Money-Buy Used Items

Part of going green is trying as much as possible to reuse items instead of buying new ones. Therefore, before buying new furniture, clothing or tools find out if you can get these items from thrift, consignment stores. Nowadays the internet offers so many ways for you to save money through auction sites, Craigslist, Swap sites or freecycle. So make your choices carefully and you will be able to save money while going green.

Reasons Why Renting And Borrowing Saves You Money

You actually do not need to be a money expert to figure out that you will be saving money by renting a truck for a day versa owing it just for using it occasionally. You can also rent tools, machinery, special occasion clothing, special occasion dishes and technology.

Borrowing is another method most people by pass yet it is so effective in saving you money. You can borrow any book in fact the library stocks all new books as soon as they are released. You can also borrow DVDs, Audio books and novels from your local library.

Cook Your Own Food And Save Money

Not only is cooking your food fun and healthy you will also be saving money and this is one huge part of green life. Remember eating homegrown, homemade is cheaper and healthier than buying processed foods.

Here are the keys to saving money and leading happy and healthy green life:

*Eat produce which is locally grown

*Cook at home as often as possible. Cook big batches enough for several meals then utilize the leftovers by adding vegetables and fruits for healthy wholesome meals

*Always take your lunches to work or school

*Also buy in bulk or from local producers

*Use coupons and utilize the sales at the grocery store

*Build your diet around plants, whole grains, eat meat products sparingly

You can even save more money by starting your own garden and making your own bread. Remember homemade bread costs 50 cents a loaf so it is a smart way to save money while going green.

Save Money Slash Your Electric Bill

One way to saving money is to consider purchasing energy star appliances and electronics. Especially refrigerators, television sets, heaters, air conditioners, washer and dryer. Running them can be costly unless you educate yourself on how to control or choose the energy efficient products.

The best way to save on air conditioning is to turn up the thermostat all the way which will in turn cut 7 to 10 percent of the cooling costs or switch to ceiling fans and portable floor fans.

The next time you remodel or build a house place your windows and overhangs strategically so you can take advantage of nature. You can also plant trees and vines for natural shade.

Switch to energy efficient tank less water heaters or install a solar water heater, which will reduce your heating costs and thereby saving you money.

Heating your home over the winter money can be a huge expense especially when you doing all you can to save money. You can start by making your home energy efficient by simple air sealing techniques and proper insulation.

You can also save money by buying a solar energy or making one of your own.

Live In A Smaller House -Save Money without A Money Expert

Your energy bills will reduce drastically if you decide to buy or build a smaller home. Less square footage means less energy consumption. Therefore, if you can afford to live in a much smaller home it will be a huge money saving strategy. You can also build your own small house from scratch using natural materials and this will save you money.

So, you really do not need to be a money expert to succeed in saving money while living a green and healthy lifestyle. It is takes effort and commitment, remember your health is at the center of everything you do. For example if you eat homemade meals, you will enjoy a very healthy life because you will avoid all the chemicals that go into preserving processed food. Think healthy lifestyle and saving money along the way.