Green Life-Cleaning Supplies and Air Fresheners Maybe The Cause Of Breast Cancer

I always wondered why how I got breast cancer. I led a very healthy lifestyle but recently I read this article posted on The Sun UK newspaper


HOUSEPROUD women with spotless bathrooms could be twice as likely to get breast cancer, astonishing research claims.

Scientists claim the risk is doubled by the overuse of cleaning products that combat mould and mildew - and AIR FRESHENERS.

The amazing findings - which may even be linked to a bizarre combination of the two - emerged in a huge US study.

Breast cancer researchers for the American Silent Spring Institute quizzed more than 1,500 women about what kind of cleaning products they used - and how often.

Many were housewives waging a constant battle against bathroom mould and the build-up of mildew on windows - while at the same time trying to keep homes smelling fresh.

The institute's Julia Brody said yesterday: "Women who reported the highest combined cleaning product use had a doubled risk of breast cancer compared to those with the lowest reported use.

"Use of air fresheners and products for mould and mildew control were associated with increased risk."

Insect repellents also boosted the chance of getting the disease - although there appeared to be little linking it to pesticides. The institute urged further urgent research.

Ms Brody declared: "To our knowledge this is the first published report on cleaning product use and risk of breast cancer."

This article is talking about me, I always wanted my house to be spotless especially the bathroom I bought all kinds of cleaning supplies -The stronger the better because I wanted my house to be free of mildew. All those chemicals I did inhale for more than 20 years brought havoc to my otherwise healthy life.

I had some intuition and that is why when I became sick I decided right away to change my lifestyle. That meant getting rid of all the processed foods and switching my cleaning products to eco friendly products. I hope you do the same because prevention is better than cure I learned this the hard way.

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