Tips For Saving Money-The Eco Friendly Way

1. Buy in bulk and save- You will save money, time and shopping trips if you buy in bulk. Buy rice, sugar, laundry soap in bulk( all your essentials). Remember a large box of laundry detergent costs less per ounce than its pint-size counterpart.. The same principle applies to light bulbs, toothpaste or dog food.

2. Go Generic- There is nothing wrong with the generic brands of ten times they are as good as the brand name products. Grocery store brand tooth paste or cleaning supplies are as good as the rand name ones.

3. Pack your own lunch- You will be saving money and losing weight at same time. Brown bag lunches are actually the best way to loose weight fast because you will be able to pack healthy food.

4. Home cooked meals are a big money saver and also a good way to live a healthy lifestyle. Stop throwing money away instead commit to a home cooked on a regular basis.

5. Turn off the Air conditioner -Save it for those humid days instead use ceiling fans and floor fans you will save tons of money. The ceiling fans require less energy and that means more money in your pocket

6. Clip those coupons- Clipping coupons is in style because it is no longer considered a poor mans way of life-even the rich clip coupons nowadays and you can even get some online.

Surely there are some many ways to go green and save money so be creative-don’t forget to ride your bike often. You will burn calories, strengthen your heart while being friendly to mother earth.