Reasons Tour De France Is Environmentally Friendly

Tour de France is a fun sport to watch and every year it gets even better. Marc Cavendish is my all time favorite rider and boy does he end a stage in style.

Besides the fun in the sport, Tour De France encourages bicycle ridding as an alternative to driving and that means more exercise for you if only you could get the courage to ride a bicycle instead of driving.

Remember zero pollution from a bike and the exercise you get is far more than any gym will give you despite the fact that the gym will charge you a fee. The only expense you will incur with a bike is the initial purchase price plus a small amount to maintain a smooth ride.

Tour de France is environmentally friendly in two ways -the sport does not pollute the planet and those who participate gain tremendous exercise. Tour de France is tough but that is what makes the sport spectacular to watch..

During spring and summer especially there should be no reason why you cannot get your bike on the road remember a little goes along way. Keep the earth green!