Green Life- Chelsea Clinton Will She Host A Green Wedding?

The media is going crazy about Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, where it going to be and who is invited. The date is already set for the big day but where remains a mystery, which is a good thing because, can you imagine all the paparazzi on helicopters, cars, bikes and on foot. Chelsea Clinton should just continue keeping it private as much as possible.

I hope Chelsea will host a green wedding and here are some ideas for anyone looking to host a green weeding. It is summer and love is the air so why not host a wedding with environmental twist.

Green Wedding Ideas

There so many ways for a wedding to be green and these simple steps can save you money in the end.

Wedding Invitations

When deciding on wedding cards consider a local printer or one that uses recycled paper and soy ink. You can also go further and do your invitations online with help from a designer. Since most people use email so, it will be easier to send electronic invitations but if you decide on “save the date”, cards consider using sustainable ink and paper products.

Taking this step to ensure your wedding has low impact on the planet is very important for a greener future for all so save some trees and the planet will thank you.

Wedding Dinner Party/Rehearsal

If you are going to use a catering company, inquire about local in season menu options also have them use re-usable dishes, cutlery and linens that do not create unnecessary waste and save the environment.

For drinks, having beer on tap will be easier to handle and does not require countless bottles and cans. In addition, serve vegetarian since red meat is environmentally costly unless you are going to handle everything locally.

Wedding Outside

Consider having your wedding out doors especially with the beautiful spring, summer or fall weather. Therefore, take advantage of Mother Nature and this will save you money and you will use less electricity. If you have as small group of people then consider having it unplugged without microphones or audio equipment. Simple weddings are normally more intimate and cost less.


Look for wedding essentials from members of your family, friends or the community who had weddings in the past and ask them to lend you their items for the special day. Borrow linen, jewelry, décor or you can also use recycled diamonds-it is green and socially conscious and adds a vintage touch to your wedding. The bride maids and men should get clothing they can wear again to another occasion. Starting from décor to apparel, re-using as many materials as possible is an easy step to a greener wedding.

A wedding is more than just a part; it is a show of dedication and love so why not extend this good gesture to mother earth? So take small steps to make your wedding a low-impact on the environment and such sustainable decisions will provide a greener future.

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