Products That Are Dangerous To Your Green Lifestyle

Just think of how get the warning everyday about welcoming strangers into your homes but did you stop to think of all the unwanted guests in your home. I am talking about hazardous, toxic, and even carcinogenic chemicals you welcome to your home everyday.

1. Conventional cleaning supplies that contain bleach chemicals that contain ammonia or oven cleaners that contain high toxic levels.

2. Air fresheners are incredibly toxic, wonder why they still on store shelves. Air fresheners are so dangerous and can even cause asthma even the ones labeled “natural” do contain some levels of toxins.

3. Plastic bags-From supper markets to department stores plastics are the only choice of packaging unless you have your own go green bag. Remember plastic bags are forever and that is why the oceans and rivers have plastic bags from all over. Say no to plastic bags today.

4. Chemical Fertilizers- The person who invented this had the idea of making everything grow fast but now chemical fertilizers are causing damage to water supply. Avoid this harsh chemicals instead use organic fertilizers.

5. Chemical insecticides and Herbicides- Since they are suppose to kill bugs chances are they contain more than deadly chemicals- instead look for non-toxic and natural products.

Get rid this dangerous products and you will be able to breath easier.