Green Life-Ditch Plastic For A Fashionable Reusable Grocery Bag

Despite the call to end the use of plastic bags many stores, still bag groceries and other purchases in these wispy baggies swearing to change to reusable bags if all the customers can bring their own bags or buy their store brand reusable bags. The store brand reusable bags are expensive some going for $4.99. Why not sell them for $.99 so more people can start using them.

It is not only grocery stores of course. Those petroleum-based bags have become so prevalent; US consumers alone throw away 100 billion plastic bags a year. Can you imagine what this is doing to our planet?

Actually, you can make your own reusable bag using old t-shirts, tablecloths, shredded plastic bags or even crochet/knit your very own.

You can watch Martha Steward for inspiration on how to make you own reusable bag. The idea is to start so in the end we will reach the goal of making sure no plastic bag will affect the marine wildlife ever again. Remember experts estimate 100,000 marine creatures die every year after ingesting bits of plastic bags.

You can also buy simple fabrics from Wal Mart and if you can use a sewing machine great otherwise you can just saw them by hand. Very easy and this can be a great project for your kids. The most important is to get started and together we can solve the problem who plastic bags everyone. Good for you, good for me and the planet.