Green Your Business Challenge By Staples And Win $10,000

Enter your small business into this amazing challenge
Going green with your business has never been this good. All you have to do is submit a 100-word essay on how you intend to go green in your small business.
I guess those who have home business could enter the challenge too so what are waiting for go for the challenge.
Submit your entry between May 5, 2010 and June 4, 2010
Here are some cool ideas you can use for your essay
Eco friendly ideas for your office
1. Use Compact fluorescent light bulbs, which last longer-saves your business money
2. Use Energy star certified products like computers, printers, and fax machines and by doing so you will save money and the environment.
3. Change your filing system to digital instead of paper files-You will save time and space
4. Set up a recycle bin for cans, papers/newspapers and bottles for your employees
5. Recycle your ink cartridges by refilling them at your local Walgreen pharmacy
6. Take of your equipment and unplug them especially at the end of the day or weekend since most appliances consume energy when plugged in and not in use.
7. Dispose your old computers, laptops, printers at places where care is taken not to harm the environment
8. Encourage your employees to carpool
9. The next time you make over your office get eco friendly furniture
10. Use eco friendly cleaning supplies for your office
There you have it I have given you a few ideas for your essay so go for it I hope you win and if you don’t at least you will be on your way to owning a green business.
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