Walgreens Postponed The Sell Of The Personal Genetic Test Kits

Therefore, Walgreens are not going to start selling The Personal Test Kit because the kit is yet to get FDA approval.

These Genetic kits are from Pathway Genomics a California based company and were suppose to be on Walgreens counters starting Friday, now we have to wait.

At $20.00 for the test, kit and $79 to $249 for the actual test made me jump out of my seat -Let us hope insurance will pay.

Either way this will be an easy way to know the health risks before they strike although the charm is still to eat healthy, stop smoking and exercise.

The FDA are afraid the kit might not work but then if it does work can you imagine your employer or insurance company using this information once it is determined you have a high risk for Cancer or heart defects.

Anyway, let us wait and see meanwhile use eco friendly products, eat healthy and walk