Grow Your Own Lettuce Escape The E-coli Wrath On Your Salad

Contaminated lettuce is commonplace now because of poor handling. E-coli are especially rampant in commercially grown lettuce sold to your grocery store, salad bars and restaurants.

So why not grow your own lettuce, save money and your precious life. You can actually grown your own lettuce without an outside garden by practicing container gardening.

Container gardening will allow you to have fresh lettuce readily available all year round. Organic food is hip now so why not try this concept.

You will need some seedlings for your favorite lettuce, good soil from a local supplies store (avoid the cheap soil since they tend to be sandy) and some containers.

For the containers you can be creative and use foil pans, halved two litter bottles, store bought terracotta pots or empty plastic clamshells. Very important that the containers you use are food-safe, several inches deep and are perforated on the bottom for drainage.

Start your lettuce in peat pots then transplant into large containers as they grow. Grow them in stages and in different varieties so you can consistently have lettuce in different kinds. Remember to share with your friends and neighbors and encourage them to do the same and that will create a bountiful harvest.

Make sure your lettuce receive enough sunlight and water. Place your lettuce seedlings on windowpanes or on your porch. You can also use energy efficient lights.

Free your self from the fear of e-coli-Grow your own in a simple container.