How To Maintain A Clean, Clear And Healthy Face-Eco Beauty

Here are ten simple tips so you can always have an awesome complexion:

1. Always wash your face before bed. Remove makeup with a mild cleaner before bed especially after a night out

2. Use a facial mask appropriate for your skin type

3. Use less make up remember less is more

4. Drink plenty of water and clear liquids avoid soda which full of caffeine,sugar and artificial ingredients

5. Protect your skin from the sun

6. Eat foods full of fiber, fruits and vegetables

7. Keep your electronics(cell phone and headphones clean and always keep your hands away from your face

8. Get enough sleep every night- 8 hours at least, you will avoid stress and your face will look fresh in the morning

9. Never pop or squeeze a pimple use regular cleansers instead

10. Exfoliate your skin weekly for a radiant loook

How SPF will protect your face this summer

What does SPF mean? SPF stands for SUN PROTECTION FACTOR and the SPF number tells you how much sun protection you will get from the product.

The more delicate your face the more the protection you will need. For example if your face turns pink in 10 minutes in the sun your face will require a SPF of 8 that means you will receive 8 times the protection or in other words you can stay in the sun for at least 80 minutes. Remember the sun your face’s greatest enemy so protect it. Understand that SPF of 15 will protect you for 150 minutes.

Remember your face and complexion is important parts of your identity. Your face is the first impression, if you are sad, angry or disgusted your face will tell the story so keep your face clean and beautiful.


If your face is showing signs of breakout just dap a bit of organic honey on the irritated spots after washing and before going to bed. You will notice a difference in a very short time.