7 Things You Should Reuse-Eco friendly

1. Water Bottles

Water bottles can be reused but better yet install a water filter on your facet and you will not need water bottles instead you will get drinking water from your very own tap therefore saving money and the environment.
2. Paper Napkins

Instead of the disposable paper napkins why not got for cloth napkins, they are stylish and they do make you look classy just like those who go for fine dinning. So save your money and environment by purchasing different print cloth napkins to be reused.

3. Paper Towels

Use bar towels instead of the disposable paper towels and you will be saving money and the landfills are going to have less paper. For the price of 8 paper towels you can buy three bar towels for almost the same price the difference being you will reuse the bar towels longer than the paper towels. Quick way to save the environment by saying no to paper towels.

4. Printer Cartridges

Refilling your used in cartridge is so much cheaper. You can do this by yourself by purchasing a refill kit or you can go to Walgreen’s or CVS and have some do it for you super cheap. Once you get used to reusing your ink cartridges you will never throw them away ever again.

5. Coffee Cups

The next time you visit your convenient coffee shop go with your own reusable mug and they will be glad in refill it for you instead of those paper cups.

6. Zip Loc Bags

Instead of storing left over foods in zip loc bags you will better off using glass containers or any reusable container but stay away from plastic, not good for you. Your fridge will look much better when you store food in nice glass containers since you will be able to see the contents.

7. Paper Bag Lunches

Get your children and yourself nice reusable lunch bags instead of those disposable brown bags.
This are my seven easy ways to go green so please feel free to add your own