What Are Eco Friendly Products?

It is becoming clear that lately, more and more companies are starting to support the green movement by either going green themselves, selling eco friendly products, or both. This is a good sign for both the environment, as well as you and me because it means that sustainable and energy efficient products are easier to get now than they used to be. There is also a wider range of eco friendly products that are available.

For example, Energy Star is a company that was created by both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US Department of Energy (DOE) in order to promote energy efficient products. Energy Star sells everything from energy efficient light bulbs, to computers. Their purpose is to offer a product line that helps the environment, and helps you and me save money. In fact, Energy Star users saved $19 billion in utility bills in 2008 alone.

If you're not quite ready to commit to brand new appliances, water filters are a very effective and inexpensive way to increase the energy efficiency of your home. By placing a water filter on your kitchen sink instead of buying water bottles, you will help the environment because it takes a lot of energy to process plastic and deliver the bottles. Water filters are also an excellent money saver because water from the tap is free, whereas bottled water can cost $10 for just one pack.

The main goal of going green is to help the environment by changing wasteful habits. The process doesn't need to be overwhelming because it isn't necessary to completely renovate life as you know it. Trust me, every little change makes a difference.