Organic Cosmetics

Why organic cosmetics? According to Cancer Prevention Coalition there are over 300,000 injuries related to cosmetics. This something most people are not aware of, you need to know the dangers of chemicals found in regular cosmetics, change to products, which are organic /eco friendly for your beauty.

The chemicals of great concern are Phthalates found in nail polish, lotions, and deodorants, formaldehyde is in baby soap, nail polish, hair dyes, parabens are preservatives in May products, and lead is found in lipsticks and hair dyes.

There is no standard for organic cosmetics yet, so you need to understand the contents of your beauty products.

Consider organic cosmetics with excellent nutrients for your skin, brighten you skin tone, pH balanced and is hypoallergenic. Make sure your skin care products are rich in vitamins E and A for softness and moisture retention.