Go Green With Eco Friendly Fashion

The fashion world is consumed with following all of the hottest and newest trends, and it seems like going green is all the rage. Eco friendly style is really beginning to catch on, mostly thanks to the celebrities that have made green fashion statement and encouraged the rest of us to do the same.

Green is the New Black

I remember the days when eco friendly fashion consisted of hemp dresses and frumpy sandals. In other words, going green with your style used to be lame because there weren't many fashion forward options. Thankfully, the fashion world has caught up with our need to save the environment, and green style is hotter than ever.

An easy way to make your wardrobe greener is to start buying clothing made out of natural fabrics. Some examples are cotton, wool, silk, linen, hemp, and jute. These fabrics are considered natural because their fibers come from animal coats, plant seeds, silkworm cocoons, stems, and leaves.

Another suggestion is to wear fabrics that are colored with natural dyes. Natural dyes come from plants, insects, and minerals, and they are recommended because they produce a significantly lower amount of pollution and require less energy to manufacture.