Life Without Plastic The Ultimate Go Green Strategy

About a year ago, I came up with an idea to get rid of plastic from my life for good, from shopping bags to food storage containers. At first it was really hard since everything is packaged using plastic right from ketchup to bread.

Here are the steps I took and this can help you too get rid of plastics from your life

1. Start shopping using reusable bags
2. Get rid of plastic storage containers from your house instead use glass containers
3. Cook most of your food from scratch and save yourself from food stored in plastic
3. Shop the local farmers market
4. If you cannot find milk in glass bottles switch your milk to glass container when you get home
5. Switch your ketchup, mustard etc to glass bottles

It might not be easy to get rid of plastic at first but as time goes, you will realize the benefits since choosing glass is best for your health and the planet. Remember glass does not release chemicals like plastic.

Another habit I had was microwaving food in plastics. I found that some plastic leach chemicals so I have since switched to tempered glass or ceramic as long as they are microwave, oven safe.

Remember too that those containers marked “microwave safe” plastic containers release a dangerous chemical known as Bisphenol in to your food. If you must use plastic, choose Low-density polyethylene (LBDE) with recycling code # 4 or polypropylene (PP) code #5. Using these types of plastic will save you from toxic chemicals found in plastic.

Microwave -safe food containers you can buy easily are glass containers made by

Anchor Hocking, Frigroverre and Pyrex ceramic by Corning Ware.

Anchor Hocking 10-Piece TrueSeal Storage Set
Anchor Hocking 10-Piece TrueSeal Storage Set

CorningWare French White 17-Piece Bake and Serve Set
CorningWare French White 17-Piece Bake and Serve Set