Does Sunscreen Do More Harm Than Good?

For years and years we've constantly been reminded to apply sunscreen whenever we go outside so we prevent the damage caused by UV exposure. Putting on sunscreen has become so casual that a lot of us either don't use enough or fail to reapply it when necessary. On top of that, more and more UV rays are penetrating Earth's atmosphere as a result of ozone depletion, so adequate sunscreen is becoming more important than ever.

The controversy surrounding the usefulness of sunscreen stems from a recent research study which found that sunscreen caused genetic damage in rats which made them more vulnerable to cancer. Does this mean that sunscreen gives humans cancer, as well? Thankfully, the answer is no. Turns out, the particles which cause genetic harm to rats cannot penetrate human skin so feel free to use sunscreen for cancer PREVENTION. Just be careful with the kind that can be sprayed on because inhaling those chemicals can indeed do harm.