Eco Friendly & Organic Clothing Ideas for Men

Going green is an intelligent, wise decision. With this guide, it will be quick and easy to find what you are looking for and you might even be surprised at how reasonably priced going green can be too. Why add update to your closet that are processed with chemicals and grown with pesticides, when you can buy clothing that is eco-friendly, cotton grown without chemical pesticides and processed with natural methods for less?

1. Underwear - going green with your underwear is very smart. Nothing gets closer than underwear to your body.

2. White and Solid Color Shirts - these items of clothing tend to be very close to your skin so organic is definitely better!

3. Jeans - Organic jeans seem like they would be hard to find but they actually aren't. A lot of eco friendly companies make organic cotton jeans for men at great prices.

4. Sunwashed Tees (these look like stonewashed tees), Printed Tees, Socks, and Accessories

5. Dress Shirts and Pants - You can find these in organic cotton, hemp, and lots of other natural fabrics and materials!

6. Outwear and Shoes